sustainable supply-chain networks

Agroforestry as foundation.

Agroforestry is a management system that mimics nature, designed to make species to collaborate. It increases soil fertility, biodiversity, water availability and carbon sequestration. We have developed our unique design plan for a 'Textile Agroforestry', and there are many ways to get involved. 


Brazil sustainable fabrics.

We are working with the most sustainable textile factories from Brazil. They are helping us to test new fibers from Agroforestry. We are promoting their fabrics to clients outside Brazil, and developing beautiful collaborations using their products.


Regenerative collaborations.

We are partnering up with Brands and Designers that wants to help regenerate the planet. We are responsible for sourcing, collecting sustainable data and stories. They are responsible for keeping doing the amazing products they already do, but now knowing they are helping to regenerate the planet.