Textile Agroforestry

We are growing natural fibers and dyeing plants in an Agroforestry system, where they can exchange nutrients through roots, or balancing sun, shade and wind through the tree tops.


Research & Development

Our work was based on Larissa Duarte's research using cotton in Agroforestry systems (follow Lari). And Felipe Villela's research on water availability in agroforestry (follow Lipe). Both of them Ernst Gotsch students. (know about Ernst).


Santa Bárbara & DeMendes

Our prototype farm will be developed in the State of Pará, in middle of the Amazon Rainforest, in partnership with Cesar DeMendes (a.k.a. Indiana Jones of Cacau) because of his discoveries with this Amazon's native specie.


Want to help us and learn how to do a 'Textile Agroforestry'?

We are looking for volunteers to go to the Amazon around January (2019) and learn about natural fibers, Agroforestry, visit mills and have an Amazonian experience.

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Do you have a land, or would like to invest in 'Textile Agroforestry'?

Let us know how you would like to collaborate in partnership with our Agroforesters, Researchers and Artisans. And help us to regenerate the world through fibers and fabrics.