Brazil Most Sustainable Fabrics

We are representing our partners outside Brazil, helping them to communicate and sell their fabrics. Below you can find our 4 main partners and know more about them: Casulo Feliz, Justa Trama, EcoSimple & Castanhal.


Primitive & Organic Silk

Casulo Feliz (happy cocoon) have been working with silk for over 25 years, developing Peace, Organic and 'Primitive' Silk in the state of Paraná. They are experts in natural dyeing processes and they also develop a beautiful social project hiring workers from humble communities. See images of their products here.



Organic Cotton

Our partner Justa Trama (Fair Weft) is organic certified, farmers use only AgroEcological processes from the northeast of Brazil, in the Ceará state. Manufactured in partnership with a cooperative supported by UN Women. Know more about them here.


Recycled Cotton

EcoSimple is a company from São Paulo and it's EU Ecolabel certified. Sourcing cotton from the waste of the largest Textile Industry in South America, and blended with recycled polyester to achieve better performance, they have a 100% recycled fabric for garments and home textile. Their Instagram is worth following.

Brazilian Jute

Organic and Fair Trade certified (packaging), our partner Castanhal cultivates its raw materials on the edges of the Amazon river in collaboration with Agricultural families without the use of chemicals or even water, as the seasonal tides do the irrigation work. Get inspired by their clients here.

Need samples?

We have a sample's inventory in New York, and we can quickly provide samples from our partners to you. Let us know about your brand, projects and the type os sample you need. The more information, the better.